Newbeing Queen Podcast is a movement that is created to appeal to all audiences and discuss various topics surrounding their life, and business while sharing their Purpose, their Truth, and their Journey. They will empower others to pursue their dreams, remain rooted in Christ, to embrace and love themselves unapologetically through the process.

About the Hosts

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Yolanda Mitchell


Yolanda Mitchell is the CEO and Founder of Newbeing Queen Movement. The Newbeing Queen Movement was formed to encourage women to love themselves unapologetically and seek fulfillment through Christ. Yolanda is the CEO and Founder of NewBeing Queen LLC which offers an alternative to the current shapewear on the market, being that offers more inclusive products. The purpose is to make all women, especially plus size women, feel more confident and sexier in their garments. Yolanda Mitchell, is the CEO and Founder of Newbeing Queen Magazine. For as long as she could remember having a passion to help and empower women. Now she has branched out and started N.B.Q. Magazine to give women hope and the exposure they would not have received through social media. N.B.Q. Magazine will feature phenomenal Queens around the globe that are looking to network and meet other queens. Queen welcome to starting an entirely new chapter in life. Yolanda is a Certified Life Coach, she has a YouTube channel called NewBeing Queen Talk, and Her podcast called NewBeing Queen Talk. She does Facebook Live on occasions, and is going to launch her 1st book collaboration Elevation to Queen Status in the summer.

You can find Yolanda Mitchell on clubhouse, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Pastor Earnestine Smith


Kingdom Greetings! Thank you so much for your interest to learn more about me. Let me introduce myself, I’m Earnestine L. Smith, my tongue is a pen of a skillful writer. I’m a Youth Pastor, Author, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster/Radio Talk Show Co-host, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, and most importantly...I AM A SERVANT OF MY KING! In 2020, I went through a very traumatic health experience where I coded 3x. During that transition in my life, the Lord spoke to me, and said: "I did not allow you to take your PURPOSE TO THE GRAVE!" God instructed me on that day whenever I am release from the hospital, I am to release my first book entitled "Bound by Love". I was OBEDIENT to the spirit of the living God! I published my first book in 2021, and I've been running with my purpose from that "Valley of Dry Bones Experience" every since! I have dedicated my life to help hurting people all over the world (men, women, boys and girls) to heal and transition their "PAIN TO POWER" by inspiring and encouraging them to use their testimonies as "SURVIVORS" to empower themselves and others. My greatest joy is to see people who were left for dead, thriving and living in their PURPOSE! My passion is encouraging and inspiring others through their moments of hopelessness, depression or anxiety and dealing with overcoming their past and/or current challenges. In doing so, God has made room for my prophetic gifts in Poetry/Spoken Word by providing me with several platforms to be a sounding board in the earth for Him! I DON'T take my 2nd chance at life for granted. Inspite of it all, I have a well made up mind to serve the Lord and use every bit of my breath to glorify my Heavenly Father; by loving His people where they are through the love of Christ! God told me to GET UP, and now that I'm UP, I am able to tell others to "GET UP" from their Valley of Dry Bones and live their PURPOSEFUL LIFE!

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I speak Kingdom Blessings of Proverbs 10:22 over You in Jesus name! Earnestine 💜💎💜

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Vicki Robinson


My name is Vicki Robinson, kingdom ambassador, creative strategist, community solutionist and author. I have traveled across the country ministering and empowering the body of Christ. God has call me for such a time as this to restore and stand in the gap for others. As a servant to the body of Christ, I have assisted various ministries in their community outreach team feeding the homeless, back to school event, women empowerment sessions, and workshops. I am passionate about building the women who has been impacted by childhood/life trauma and young people to discover their purpose in life. I have a desire to help and serve those in my community along with others who love to serve others. The up-and-coming non-profit organization S.O.S. will be launching in the fall of 2022 for children who have experienced difficult situations and need positive mentorship. Firm believer that each one reach one! What we do not defeat, we will repeat the cycle. One of the authors of “Elevated to Queen Status” by Yolanda Mitchell which will be hitting the bookshelves this year. Preparing to Launch her own book by the fall of 2022, “The JumpOff”. I have been a mother to many but have three biological children and six grandchildren who I love dearly. I have been a foster parent to at risk children in Texas, as well as pastored the New Birth Evangelistic Church for three years before relocating to Richmond, Virginia. Originally, from Bridgeton, New Jersey where she was raised under the teaching of the late Apostle Terry D. Dixon and attended the Miracle Revival Center Bible Institute which develop her growth and foundation in Christ.

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Apostle Timothy D. Carter


Timothy D. Carter was born in 1973 in San Diego, Ca to Dr. Johnny and Linda Carter. He is a p.k. (preacher’s kid) and the 3rd child out of 4 children. He moved from California to Texas in 1990, where he graduated high school in 1992 and went on to college in Tyler, Texas. He rededicated his life back to Jesus Christ in 1993 and was ordained as a minister in 1994.

He is a husband to an amazing wife, a father of 6 beautiful daughters, and a grandfather to 9 precious grandchildren. He currently resides in Lewisville, Texas and has been in ministry for over 28 years. He is the Apostle of Built 2 Last International Ministries and the Founder/President of New Start In Life Foundation, where they provide food and other resources to thousands of people every week. He has received awards and recognition for his work in the community and for his efforts in bridging the gap for people who didn’t qualify for assistance and were in need of help. He has a servant’s heart and is considered by many a modern day Good Samaritan.

Apostle Timothy D. Carter is a man after God’s own heart and his desire is to please the Lord in all that he does. Wherever he goes signs and wonders do follow him, because he believes that there is absolutely nothing too hard for God to do. He is known as a preacher’s preacher, anointed and appointed by God!